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Serie LK60

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The shape, color and texture.
Series LK60 - a modern, functional, multi-faceted. The unique advantage of the series - a broad palette of color and texture - 5 color front panels: white, beige, silver metallic, black velvet and pine, 7 color frame made of plastic, as well as the scope of natural materials: glass, wood, stone and metal. Through a series of frame construction you can find for you the necessary combination of colors and textures.

The modular design allows you to mount up to five mechanisms in multi-seat frame vertically and horizontally.

The series includes all the circuit breakers and switches, dimmers with a short-circuit protection and LED indication, the power outlet without grounding, with safety shutters, telephone and computer, including Category 6, TV, to satellite television, audio sockets regulators of the warm floor.

Multi-functional mechanisms of the new generation are created by leading developers on the basis of a special heat resistant material, contact sockets provide reliable contact and fire safety.

All the facial surface is made of light durable ABS plastic.
Go to an outdoor installation you can use special lifting boxes with the ability to mount from one to five products.

The perfect solution for any interior style. Freedom of choice of colors, materials and functionality.

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